Friday, July 3, 2015

Do It Yourself ToastMasters Timing Light

Do It Yourself ToastMasters Timing Light 

Green, Amber (Yellow), Red signals are commonly used in Toastmasters clubs to show speakers when they have reached minimum time, are halfway through their allotted time, and when they have reached maximum time. Many clubs use a set of colored cards–some Toastmasters even carry small colored cards in their wallets for impromptu Toastmasters meetings!
But cards have to be held up in the air and are not very eye-catching. Timing lights are preferred, where actual green, amber and red lights can be turned on and get the speaker’s attention. The official Toastmasters Signal Light costs $110 to $185 depends on the area you live in.

Toastmasters Signal Light costs $110 to $185

Toastmasters Signal Light costs $110 to $185

I wanted the same in battery operated without external power and for low cost. There are other do it yourself kits but that needs external power, hence i have decided to make my own. DO IT YOURSELF. 

Do It Yourself ToastMasters Timing Light 

I managed to do it yourself toastmasters timing light with less $50 including batteries


I live in Ontario, Canada. Bought it from A1 Electronics SWITCHES

1. Signal Light 30 LED`s - $7.50 x 3 = $22.50
2. Battery Holder - $2.80
3. Rotary Switch - $4.80
4. Incandescent indicators 12VDC - $2.50 x 3 = $7.50
5. Rotary Switch Knob - $0.99
6. Dollarama Wooden Box (Transparent Lid) - $2.00

Total Parts = $40.59

1. Signal Light 30 LED`s

Part Number MCD
DK4555-G  (Green) 18000
DK4555-Y  (Yellow) 7500
DK4555-R  (Red) 6500

12V  $7.50 / each

2. Battery Holder 

Part Number: 4200A
 Um3x8 for Eight "AA" Cells
Size: 60mm (L) x 29mm (W)x58mm (H)

3. Rotary Switch


4. Incandescent indicators 12VDC

Incandescent indicators 12VDC

55-492(Red Lens)
55-493(Amber Lens)
55-495(Green Lens)


5. Rotary Switch Knob

Part Number
A mm -
B mm - 30
C mm - 15
Shaft mm - 6.35

Price - $0.99

6. Dollarama Wooden Box (Transparent Lid)

$2.00 Dollarama

7. Tools 

Hook - up Wires  (Stranded) (If you don't have $3)

Soldering Iron (If you don't have one you can get it for $5)

8 AA Batteries