Monday, June 30, 2014

Scrum Burn Down Chart using Microsoft Excel 2010

This tutorial is about "Scrum Burn Down Chart using Microsoft Excel 2010"


  • Agile Scrum Knowledge
  • Burn Down Charts Knowledge 
  • Basic Microsoft Excel 2010+  Knowledge

Create a new spreadsheet in the Microsoft Excel 2010+

Create a List of Task, Resource and Estimate in hours / days as per your preference

Task Name: Create User Login HTML Wireframe (Master Task 1)
Resource: Developer1
Initial Estimate: 8 hrs

The below table shows the 8 days per sprint. You can add more days per sprint as per your needs.

Create all your list of Task, Resources and Estimates. With planned burn down, how much can be completed in a day.

Every day i have 6hrs per resources, hence from the initial estimate everyday reduce 6hrs per resource on each day.

Create a total (SUM) for each from Initial estimate

With this you will get the Time Left to Do by Day.

Create new Chart ( Insert Tab --> Line --> All Chart Types)

Choose chart type as  Line with Markers

Right Click the chart and Select Data

Select Chart data range as Total of Planned and Total of Actual. Hold on ctrl key to select planned and actual rows.

Edit the Label name for Planned and Actual

The label names are modified as Planned and Actual. It is reflected int he chart.

Right Click the Chart and Move Chart

You will see the complete burn down chart in a Chart Tab.